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Dmitry joined the Borguet research group in 2006. While with the Borguet Group Dmitry studied the chemical properties of carbonaceous materials, such as carbon black, carbide derived carbons, and carbon nanotubes.

The goal was to understand how the functional groups present on carbonaceous materials influence their interaction with molecular species. Specifically mercury interaction with carbonaceous materials and the possible roles of the surface functionalities in Hg0 and heterogeneous oxidation of Hg0 emissions from coal fired power plants.

The accumulated knowledge helped Dmitry to contribute to the development of carbonaceous material for mercury trapping, while he was working as an intern at Calgon Carbon Corporation. The developed product is available on the market and helps solve environmental problems all around the world.

While working in the Borguet group, Dmitry made a number of interesting observations while studying carbon nanotubes. For instance his 2011 publication in JACS on the infrared screening of molecules adsorbed inside SWCNTs was covered in the Chemical Engineering News journal.

Dmity went on to collaborate with Professor Stephan Irle (Nagoya University, Japan) and his group who provided a theoretical perspective on fundamental questions regarding molecular interactions with SWCNTs. The productive work with Professor Yury Gogotsi (Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA) and his group led to publication of collaborative work in Thermochimica Acta on their investigation of chemical properties of modern class of carbon materials - Carbide Derived Carbons. We hope that knowledge that we derived will help developing carbon materials and products that will find multiple applications in different spheres of life.

Dmitry Kazachkin defended his PhD dissertation in 2008. Dmitry's dissertation ("Investigation of chemical and adsorption properties of carbon nanotubes: building a bridge for technological applications of carbon nanotubes") considers the interaction of carbon nanotubes with simple molecules under different experimental conditions.

Dr. Dmitry Kazachkin worked at Renmatix Inc. where he contributed to the development and scale-up of disruptive technology that may enable transition from fossil to renewable economy based on lignocellulosic biomass conversion to chemicals and fuels. Renmatix is now collaborating with BASF and UPM to commercialize the technology.

More recently Dr. Dmitry Kazachkin joined Ingredion Inc. as a Senior Engineering Associate. The company is a leading global ingredient solutions provider to the food, beverage, brewing and pharmaceutical industries as well as numerous industrial sectors. Dmitry is helping the Ingredion team to develop and scale up chemical processes for production of different ingredients based on starch and its modifications.

Executive Summary Dissertation
"Investigation of chemical and adsorption properties of carbon nanotubes: building a bridge for technological applications of carbon nanotubes"
Dmitry Kazachkin, Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh, 2009

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