Dr. Ali Eftekhari-Bafrooei, eftekhar[at]temple.edu      

After obtaining his M.Sc. degree in Physical Chemistry from Sharif University-Iran, Ali joined the Borguet group in January 2005 as a research assistant working toward a Ph.D.

His research focuses were spectroscopy and vibrational dynamics at interfaces using highly surface specific nonlinear optical techniques, namely Second-Harmonic Generation (SHG) and Sum-Frequency Generation (SFG).

Ali was interested in the vibrational dephasing and energy relaxation at surfaces and interfaces where Time-Resolved SFG either as SFG-FID or Pump-Probe is being used to probe the vibrational dephasing and relaxation.

The systems of study included various interfaces ranging from aqueous/solid, aqueous/air and solid/air with focus on the water at hydrophilic and hydrophobic interfaces.

Aside from Ali's main research, he was also involved in other projects such as preparation and characterization of Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) and Peptide-Nucleic Acid (PNA) in collaborating with other research groups.

In November 2009 at the CST Awards Dinner, Ali was awarded the Daniel Swern Fellowship.

Ali went on to work as a postdoctoral fellow in the group of Professor Stephen Leone at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His research focuses on the time resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of pure and doped helium droplets.

Ali defended his Ph.D. dissertation titled "Ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy and dynamics of water at surfaces." He is the recipient of several awards based on his work in the ultrafast vibrational dynamics of water at hydrophobic and hydrophilic interfaces. Some of them including the Coblentz student award and the inaugural William G. Fateley student award which were given to him at the annual Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Society meeting in October 2010 in Raleigh NC.

After working as a postdoctoral research fellow in the group of Professor Stephen Leone and Professor Richard Saykally at University of California in Berkeley, he assumed a position of Application Engineer at Newport Corporation supporting motion control, photonics, and TAC products.

Dr. Ali Eftekhari-Bafrooei's CV