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Zhihai Li was born in the northeast of China - Heilongjiang Province. The peaceful country life brought him a lot of beautiful memories. He became quite interested in nature during his childhood and won the third prize in the National Olympic Chemistry Contest in 1988. He was the only one who ever won such a prize at his school. His excellent performance allowed him to enter into the Department of Chemistry at Jilin University, where he received rigorous training in chemistry during his bachelor and master studies.

In 2002, he joined Prof. Li-Jun Wan's group at the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) to study electrochemistry and electrochemical scanning tunneling microscopy (EC-STM). He started his Ph.D. studies in 2003 in Prof. Thomas Wandlowski's electrochemical nanoscience group at the Research Center Juelich in Germany, where he dived deep into single crystal electrochemistry, molecular assembly, nanostructures and materials, and metal deposition on single crystal electrodes Au(111), Pt(111), HOPG using EC-STM combined with electrochemistry.

In 2009, he joined Prof. Nongjian Tao's lab at Arizona State University. Using the electrochemical STM break junction technique, he investigated the single molecule conductivity of a series of coronenes. Furthermore, he explored the molecular conductance and electrochemical gating effect of a series of custom-designed perylene molecules.

In addition to his electrochemical STM knowledge and skills, he is also an expert in ambient STM, single crystal electrochemistry, STM break junctions, molecular assembly, electron transfer at the nanoscale, Atomic Force Microscopy, surface enhanced IR spectroscopy, etc.

In August 2010, he joined the Borguet research group, where he leads the Scanning Probe and Single Molecule Team in Borguet Laboratory, focusing on electron transfer and single molecule conductance of molecules with a special focus on the tailored prophyrins with multiple contacts and custom-designed multi-prophyrun molecular wires. Recently, he has been working on anchoring and media effect on the molecular conductance, as well as the electrochemical STM studies of functional molecules at electrified interfaces.

Dr. Zhihai Li's CV