Shalaka Dewan, shalaka.dewan[at]      

Shalaka was born and raised in Mumbai, India. In 2010, She joined the Borguet Group as a Ph.D. student at Temple University, after completing her Master of Science (MSc) in Physical Chemistry, at the University of Mumbai, and working for a year as an editor for reaserch articles in the physical sciences field.

The idea of using state-of-the-art ultrafast lasers to study chemistry fascinated her and led her to the Borguet Group. Shalaka research interets are in applying non-linear optical spectroscopy techniques to visualize molecular interactions at surfaces and interfaces that are not accessible with linear spectroscopies.

In the Borguet Group, Shalaka work on sum-frequency generation spectroscopy, with a focus on understanding the structure and dynamics of water at mineral interfaces. Such insights will have important implications in many geochemical and biological processes that are controlled by "interfacial water."

Shalaka's CV