Asghar Razavi, asgharr[at]      

I was born and grew up in Tabriz, Iran. Iranian people consider Tabriz to be one of the coldest cities in Iran (they haven't tasted Philadelphia's winter!). I received my bachelor's degree in pure chemistry from Tabriz University. During my last year in Tabriz University, I was using thin layer chromatography to extract some medically worthy compounds from a fungus. Then, after competing with more than 10,000 chemistry students, I was admitted to Sharif University, in Tehran, Iran, for my master's degree. While receiving my degree, I was working on a completely theoretical and computational project in which I was trying to modify potential models (like Lennard-Jones, Sutherland and square-well potential models) in order to make them more applicable in a high temperature range (e.g., T > 900 K for Neon).

I joined the Borguet research group in summer 2011. Here my research will be focused on non-linear optics and surface chemistry of silica.

Asghar's CV