Group Meetings:
Everyone, member or visitor, is welcome to attend any of our group meetings. Active participation, questions, and follow-ups are encouraged and expected of all group members.

Spring 2017 Schedule:

Spring 2017 Schedule:
Laser/NLO meetings–Tuesdays at 1:30 pm (BE 226)
Plasmonics/TMDC-MX2 meetings–Fridays at 3pm (SERC 702)
SPM/SMC meetings–Fridays at 10am (SERC 226)

Lunch For Learning:
A learning opportunity for critical reading of papers relevant to group research as well as a chance to sit down and enjoy lunch together.
Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate and submit papers for the occasion.
Lunch for Learning is usually held in room 226B at 1:00pm when announced.

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Things To Do In Philadelphia:
This site was designed and put together by members of the group. It aims to introduce different cultural and fun activities possible recommended by the group members.

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