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Naomi Schiller
, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Email: naomi.schiller@temple.edu
Office telephone: 215-204-1517

My research interests include the anthropology of media, the state, social movements, community media, ethnographic film, Venezuela, and Latin America. I explore the social practice of media production as a method of critical pedagogy, performative politics, and everyday state formation. My dissertation, "Don't Watch Television, Make It!" Community Media, the State, and Popular Politics in Caracas, Venezuela and several forthcoming articles draw on ethnographic fieldwork in Caracas, Venezuela among community television producers. I explore the unanticipated uses of media production. Community producers from the poor neighborhoods of west Caracas use the tools of television production to gain entrance into official state arenas and barrio organizations where, I argue, they participate in the formation of ideas and representations about the state. I document and analyze how these media activists negotiate their alignment with the government and challenge binary understandings of autonomy and dependence central to liberal democracy.

During the period 2006-2007, I collaboratively produced, together with community media producers, several short films about community television production in Caracas, which were broadcast on local and national Venezuelan television stations.

In 2005, I directed and produced Girlstory, a 26-minute documentary, which chronicles a group of high-school girls who collaboratively write and perform spoken-word poetry in New York City.

I received a BA in Women's Studies from Columbia University in 2000, and an MA (2004), Certificate in Culture and Media (2005), and PhD (2009) in Anthropology from New York University.


"Catia Sees You: Community Television, Clientelism, and Participatory Statemaking in the Chávez Era" in Participation and Public Sphere in Venezuela's Bolivarian Democracy. David Smilde and Daniel Hellinger (eds). Durham: Duke University Press (forthcoming).

Review of Circuits of Culture: Media, Politics, and Indigenous Identity in Bolivia by Jeff Himpele. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2007. Visual Anthropology Review (forthcoming).

"'Now That the Petroleum is Ours:' Community Media, State Spectacle, and Oil Nationalism in Venezuela" in Crude Domination: The Anthropology of Oil. Andrea Behrends, Stephen Reyna, and Guenther Schlee (eds.). New York: Berghahn Books (forthcoming).

2009 "Framing the Revolution: Circulation and Meaning of 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised'" in Mass Communication and Society. 4: 478-502.

2008 "If Not Now, When? The GSOC Strike, 2005-2006" (with co-authors M. Chatterjee, M. Clinton, N. Lightfoot, S. Seikaly) in The University Against Itself: The NYU Strike and the Future of the Academic Workplace. M. Krause, M. Nolan, M. Palm, and A. Ross, eds. Philadelphia: Temple University Press.


Girlstory (2005)

2006 Nuyorican Poets Café, New York City, April 9.
2005 Bronx Museum of Arts Film Festival, November 12.
2005 Cantor Film Center, New York University, May 10.

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