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Examples of Course Offerings

Certificate in Gerontology

Examples of Course Offerings

The course offerings listed below are recommended, but do not include a comprehensive listing. Additional courses related to aging or to the student's career in Gerontology may be considered. Students should have course approval through the Coordinator of Certificate Program for all courses used to satisfy the Certificate in Gerontology program. In addition the following website http://www.temple.edu/ambler/undergraduate/certprograms.htm provides a huge trove of course offerings for the certificate in gerontology at different times and sites for both undergraduate and graduate students, currently enrolled at Temple and Colleges graduates not currently enrolled at Temple. The applicant can choose any of these courses in addition to the courses listed on our web site as long as this choice is cleared by Dr. Finestone the coordinator of the Certificate Program.

Undergraduate Course Offerings

Education Department                               

The Developing Individual Across the Life Span (0122)            


Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation and Long Term Care (0358)


Legal Studies Department                        

Law in Society (C001)


Social Work Department

Loss and Grief (0373)


Department of Criminal Justice                

Urban Crime Patterns (0278)


Healthcare Management Department

Intro Health Svs Syst*43 (101)


Nursing Department                                  

Community Health (0288)                           


Religion Department                                 

Death and Dying (W343)                            

Death and Dying (H393)


Health Related Professions (CAHP)         

Health Psychology and Human Behavior (0103)           

Contemporary Aspects of Disability (C050)       

Public Health Department

Independent Study in Public Health (0140)

Diet and Weight Mgmt (0343)


Anthropology Department

Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology (C055)

Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology (0125)

Medical Anthropology (0212)


Kinesiology Department                            

Fitness for Life (0018)                                 

Introduction to Exercise Science and Its Professional Applications (0162)       

Physiological Basis of Human Performance (0203)        

Introduction to Graded Exercise and Exercise Prescription (0360)       


School of Business: Tourism and Hospitality

Sport, Recreation, and Travel for Senior Populations (THM 0369)

Internship (THM 280)

Research Methodology (THM W312)

Senior Seminar (THM370)

Senior Project (THM 381)

Graduate Course Offerings

Educational Psychology Department        

Concepts in Human Development (0541)   


Kinesiology Department                            

Exercise and Aging (0413)                         


Religion Department

Spiritually, Healing, and Dying – Individual Study (942)


Center for Disabilities

Intro to Disability Studies (0500)

Occupational Therapy Department           

Concepts in Gerontological Rehabilitation (640)           


Social Administration Department

Loss and Grief (0519)


Adult and Organizational Development Department

Adult Learning and Development (0521)

Facilitating Adult Learning – Interpersonal Skills (0522)


Psychology Department                            

Aging (Topical Seminars in Developmental Psychology Series) (0732)  

Aging (Topical Seminars in Developmental Psychology Series) (0733)

Independent Study

Matriculated students are required to complete a field placement or research project (independent study). For those students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program, the field placement or research project will be arranged with your major department. The field placement or research project must in related to gerontology and approved by your Gerontology Program advisor prior to beginning work on this aspect of the program.

Non-matriculated students will enroll in Independent study to complete a project related to gerontology. The project is approved by the Gerontology Program advisor prior to beginning work on this aspect of the certificate program.


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