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Temple University Alert

As part of Temple’s emergency communication and timely warning policy (04.61.01) and protocol, the university conducted a test of its emergency notification system today, beginning at 10:00am. The test included activation of the TUsiren, accompanied by a TUalert message. As part of the TUsiren test, a text and voice message was sent to all cell phones registered to receive TUalert, and an email was sent to all Temple email accounts.

This was a test of the emergency notification system, no action was required.

In the event of a real TUsiren activation, you should shelter-in-place. Shelter-in-place means to seek immediate shelter and remain there during an emergency rather than evacuate the area. Shelter-in-place will only be used when an evacuation is not safe. Certain events, such as hazardous materials contamination or severe weather, may necessitate the initiation of the university’s shelter-in-place protocol. Notification to shelter-in-place may be made using all means of communication available.