University Honors Program Oversight Committee




Erik Cordes, CST, 1-8876,, '17

Paul Swann, TFMA, 1-1735,, '17

Claudia Pine Simon, CST, 1-5140,, `16**

Vallorie Peridier, Engr, 1-7800, '16


At large member appointments:

Therese Dolan, TYL, 8-9741,

Jayne Drake, CLA, 1-4699,


information forthcoming....


5 faculty elected by the Faculty Senate.


Faculty members will serve for three years, except in the initial election. In the initial election, three faculty members (those receiving the highest vote totals) will serve two year terms, and two faculty members (those two receiving the next highest vote totals) will serve one year terms. Thereafter, terms will be staggered. Should a Committee vacancy occur because of resignation or other reason, the Faculty Senate Steering Committee shall appoint a replacement member who shall serve for the remainder of the academic year during which the resignation took place; an election will occur at the end of that year.

Student members will serve for a one-year term, except in the initial election. In the initial election, the students will serve from the date of their election through the end of the 2003/04 academic year.