Budget Review Committee


Rafael Porrata-Doria


Rafael Porrata-Doria, LAW, 1-7694, porrata1@temple.edu, `16**

Bruce Rader, FSBM, 1-5231, brader@temple.edu, `16**

Catherine Panzarella, CLA, 1-7324, panzarella@temple.edu, '16

Kenneth Thurman, COE, 1-6018, kenneth.thurman@temple.edu, '16

Barry Berger, PHARM, 267-468-8565, barry.berger@temple.edu, '16

James Korsh, CST (FSSC Rep), 1-8199, korsh@temple.edu, '17



Nine (9) faculty appointed by the Faculty Senate Steering Committee


(1) To review the University academic and non-academic budget;

(2) To hold budget hearings where appropriate;

(3) to communicate regularly to the faculty through minutes, seminars, and, at Senate meetings;

(4) to recommend appropriate changes in the Budget and Budget-making processes;

(5) to monitor the implementation of recommendations.


A great deal of time - 6-8 hours per month.