• Steering Committee Meets in Walk Auditorium
  • 2016 faculty service and stauffer award recipients
  • 2015 Faculty Service Award Recipients

The Faculty Senate is a rich diversity of faculty from all university schools and colleges coming together to voice the collective vision of Temple University. The Senate and its committees have the responsibility of acting as advisors to the administration and the Board of Trustees.

Who is eligible?

  • Full-time faculty on a tenure/tenure-track appointment
  • Full-time faculty status on a non-tenure track appointment
  • Full-time non-tenure track faculty
  • Full-time professional librarians
  • The University President and Provost are Ex-officio members of the Senate

When does the Senate meet?

University Faculty Senate Meetings are open to all faculty and are held twice yearly - the last meeting of the semester.

Representative Senate Meetings are held monthly from September to March. These meetings are open to all, but voting privileges are extended only to the Representative Senators.

The number of Representative Senators in each college is based on the number of eligible Senate members. Schools are notified each year of this number. Senate meeting days are varied so that all faculty members have a chance to attend most of the meetings in any year.

Senate Meeting Videos

  • Not available.