• Temple's new genomic institute introduced at research symposium 7-3-14
  • Geologist helps find and protect endangered sea turtle nest 6-25-14
    While at a state park off of the Gulf Coast of Florida to study the development of the shoreline, Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Science Ilya Buynevich used georadar to assist in locating and protecting the nest of an endangered green sea turtle.
  • NIH grant to explore new possibilities in heart failure treatment 6-18-14
    Thanks to an $11.5 million grant, scientists in Temple University's School of Medicine will focus on key molecular mechanisms in heart failure, which could lead to the development of new heart therapies
  • Temple chemists develop a way to make lithium batteries safer, cheaper 5-21-14
    Lithium ion batteries, central to powering most modern technology such as laptop computers, cell phones, hybrid vehicles and even solar-energy storage, are potentially dangerous—the liquid electrolytes used in the manufacturing of those batteries can be volatile. Now, two Temple chemists have developed a way of creating a solid electrolyte that might reduce the battery’s volatility without decreasing its conductivity or increasing its costs
  • Biology faculty and students explore deep-sea coral in the Gulf 4-30-14
    Erik Cordes, assistant professor of biology at Temple, is on a scientific voyage to study how ocean acidification and climate change are affecting deep-sea coral. Cordes and his team recently boarded the research ship Atlantis for an investigative journey across the Gulf from April 27 to May 16.
  • Temple establishes public cord blood donation program 4-15-14
    With the Mason Shaffer Foundation and Community Blood Services, Temple University Hospital has established Philadelphia's first public cord blood donation program, which can help patients in need of life-saving transplants.
  • Temple to examine disease management and substance use 4-4-14
    To help those struggling with substance use disorders, the Treatment Research Institute (TRI) and the School of Medicine at Temple have received a $2 million award to study the use of specialized, community disease management to reduce substance use and hospital re-admissions.

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