Architecture Building

A new $13-million, 50,000-square-foot building provides dedicated studio space for the architecture program and allows the School of Engineering to expand programming in their existing building.

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1. The existing outdoor patio and seating area will revitalized by enclosing it with a two-story glass-encased atrium
2. Five 6-kilowatt wind turbines, each producing enough energy to power one average Philadelphia home. Students from the College of Engineering will assist the University
3. A 140,000 sq foot one-story addition will provide dedicated practice space and coaches' offices for the men's and women's basketball teams. In the off-season, this space will be used for student recreation
4. Two new retail stores on Broad Street will provide new shopping opportunities for Temple students
5. New wall and boulder for rock climbing enthusiasts will be added in the atrium


icon image Project Cost: $13 million
icon image Size: 50,000 square feet
icon image Completed: January 2012
icon image Architect: H2L2


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1200 block of Norris St.
Philadelphia, PA
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Map: Architecture Building

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