Planning Principles for Campus Development

The following principles represent the goals specific to the framework planning process, as developed in collaboration with Temple's administration, faculty, staff, students and design team.

  1. Support Temple University's Academic Mission
    1. Preserve and express the principles of the university through planning that fulfills Temple's highest goals and aspirations.
  2. Invite Campus-wide Participation and Interaction
    1. Strengthen Temple's community campus-wide by developing resources, programs and places that invite participation and interaction from across the Temple population of faculty, students and staff.
  3. Improve Connectivity and Safety
    1. Extend the past into the future through connectivity and mixed-use programs to effect a safe and vibrant 24-hour urban campus.
  4. Preserve and Enhance Existing Places of Significance
    1. Preserve and enhance "sacred places" and those significant organizational features that define the campus and create distinctive locales.
  5. Establish a Cohesive Campus Fabric
    1. Create a coherent landscape that unifies and integrates the campus architecture, open space and activities within an appropriate urban framework.
  6. Encourage Place-Sensitive Architecture
    1. Extend and support the urban campus context with architecture that reflects the spirit and technology of the times with a mix of high-quality functional buildings and those of significant design.
  7. Develop Urban and Urbane Spaces
    1. Create a campus that is urban in context and urbane in character, especially along the Broad Street edge.
  8. Promote Sustainability
    1. Encourage and enhance the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the campus for years to come.
  9. Combine Quality with Fiscal Responsibility
    1. Invest up front in materials, technologies and environmental strategies that will optimize resource management and reduce life-cycle maintenance and costs, both financially and environmentally.
  10. Respect and Engage Surrounding Communities
    1. Demonstrate respect for the communities that surround the campus through sensitive transitions and improvements that recognize the mutual obligations of the university, its neighbor and the city of Philadelphia.
  11. Emphasize Art
    1. Include artistic work in the fabric of the campus beyond building architecture.
  12. Create a Destination Campus
    1. Improve and provide amenities for the community and the university so that it will become
      a destination