Development Criteria

The 15 development criteria below state specific and achievable goals defined explicitly by the university to determine the feasible program of the Framework Plan.

  1. Work within Temple's existing "footprint" of university-owned property and the Institutional Development District.
  2. Determine which buildings are candidates for renovation, replacement or modification.
  3. Assume student enrollment will remain constant (with a possibility for increase in graduate students).
  4. Assume no major instructional shifts.
  5. Increase research activity by 15 percent per year.
  6. Create a design and material authority (design review committee).
  7. Develop the Broad Street corridor.
  8. Create a signature building on Broad Street.
  9. Improve campus and community edges.
  10. Increase green space.
  11. Improve overall pedestrian experience.
  12. Decrease surface lot parking, but maintain or minimally increase current parking quota through structured garages.
  13. Provide 2,000 more residential beds.
  14. Improve dining facilities.
  15. Increase student recreation by providing indoor fitness spaces and exterior playing fields.