What is 20/20?

To fulfill its mission for a new century, Temple will continue to provide access to superior education for talented students and to develop its campuses as residential communities of student scholars, centers of academic and research excellence, and hubs of creative enterprise.

At the core of Temple 20/20 is a vision of the Main Campus of tomorrow as a "string-of-pearls": a variety of green open spaces formed by buildings that are distributed throughout the campus, connected via a robust and engaging pedestrian circulation system. To achieve this concept, Temple will:

  • Work within its existing footprint, replacing surface parking lots with structured parking and reconfiguring the balance of green spaces and residential and academic buildings.
  • Create a signature building, supported by a civic urban plaza, at Broad and Berks streets to act as a symbol of higher learning.
  • Erect new gateway housing opportunities at the north and south ends of campus that will include commercial spaces, restaurants and dynamic student life.
  • Modify the streetscape to allow for safer pedestrian crossings and identify the campus as a significant urban space.

Temple 20/20, an evolving and flexible framework for the growth and renovation of the physical campus, is guided by:


Read the full Temple 20/20 Executive Summary (PDF)